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Dash – a potential ‘wow’ device

Few weeks back, I came across a post on Dash. I have been reading about Dash for over an year now – that they are building the next-gen GPS… they are trying to make the GPS interactive… attempting to be the iPhone of the PND industry (portable navigation industry).

Few really cool Dash innovations that I like (theoretically.. haven’t played with the unit yet) –

– Real time traffic flow: Dash takes data from the Dash Express units (installed in customers cars) and calculates traffic flows in real time.. and they say, it needs only about 100 units in a medium size city for this to work effectively.

– Send to car feature: Dash units have a built in GPRS. You can send addresses / search results to your car unit from your PC.

– Live search: It has built in Yahoo search engine.

And, now that Dash has opened up its platform for third party developers, there will be more of web-based content available to us in the car… and soon, we will be able to locate which of our friends are available and are in nearby area, look up for movie shows running in nearby theaters, buy movie tickets, make dinner (restaurant) reservations.. all with Dash… on the road.. while we’re stuck in traffic. Time well spent. Life made simpler. 🙂


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I’m loving Adium

I had been looking for a decent interoperable IM client that would work well on my Mac. Few weeks back I bumped upon Adium. It served my purpose. The things I love about it –

– it is so very simple to use!!

– single IM client for all my IM accounts (Y!, G talk, MSN)

– cool sound settings and options

– it gives you ‘text to speech’ option for every event.. example, you can have it speak the name of your contact (or any other text you want) when s/he comes online

– besides, it has a very cute looking Duck icon

Now, if only the Skype integration was good and there was a mobile client too. Skype has the best voice chat. Currently you can get your Skype contacts in the Adium window, but you need to be logged in to Skype for that – which in my opinion beats the purpose. I’m sure the smart guys at Adium will do something about it soon.

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