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Hiring / recruiting in the times to come..

Yesterday I read about how a Google Maps blogger (not a Google employee) got an offer from Google for the role of a Product Manager to promote Google Maps. His blog was THE unofficial Google Maps blog for 3 years.

This is quite symbolic and indicative of the direction that hiring is taking… in a year or two –

– resumes (as we know it) will start losing their importance and most likely, it’ll be done away with pretty soon..

– their will be open/public resumes – LinkedIn (and/or similar) profiles will take the center stage

– people will be hired on the basis of their demonstrated (publicly available, verifiable and validated) record… so no more BS-ing on the resume!!

– reference checks will happen through tools like LinkedIn Reference Search

– every potential employee will be google-d to check on different aspects of his/her life (which will be reflected in more ways on the internet)

– similarly, the candidates will be able to get inside information about the company, the potential manager, team members… Glassdoor seems to be working towards providing such info. ….this type of service will level the field in a big way for the candidates..

– more and more people will be hired through referals, professional networks..

Yeah we’re headed for exciting times… and a potential LinkedIn IPO!


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