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Comcast buys Plaxo

So, finally after almost 3 months of rumors, it’s finally confirmed and official that Comcast bought Plaxo for $175 million (figure not officially confirmed yet).

I’ve been a user of Plaxo for the last 4 years. It is the best address book ever. It tried to go social-networking route with Pulse, which pulls activity streams from other services into users Plaxo page. There was big hoo-hah about it… but then how different is that from the Facebook feeds or the FriendFeed I get regarding updates from my contacts/friends?? I didn’t see any significant value add to justify the big hoo-hah.

All that said, Plaxo is THE best and THE most effective address book ever. I don’t know what exactly will Comcast eventually do with it. I know they use it with their SmartZone service. And they say Pulse will be used to deliver social media experience to Comcast users. Hmmm… well, that needs to be seen. I just hope the essence of Plaxo remains – the address book service.

Blog post on the deal by Plaxo CEO here.

Analysis on the deal by Gillmor Gang here.


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