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Integration of multiple identities, accounts we have..

We have multiple ids, identities spread across multiple networking groups, like LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, Amazon.. Logically, there needs to be some kind of integration. Well, it’s starting to happen now with Open Social, Data Portability, and now Facebook Connect.. An interesting presentation on this by Charlene Li from Forrester Research.

Now, another similar problem needs to be solved – we have these multiple credit cards, store cards, insurance card, etc. There should be a single card (or some such thing) which has details of all my card account, and when I swipe this card, my various card accounts show up and I can choose which one to use. I read that things are happening in this direction, with some initiatives being taken by the big credit card guys.. then there’s biometric stuff, or pay-thru-mobile.. From what I gather, this is not one of those problems that can be solved by the right technology, rather the key will be the willingness of the leading players like Visa, Mastercard, Amex to move towards such convergence/integration. This problem needs to be solved soon – I am tired of carrying all these cards.


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