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Netflix still has me on..

I have been a Netflix loyal since 2004. I absolutely loved the concept when they first launched and I was amazed at the ease with which you could send/receive DVDs.. they just seemed to have cracked it. Over a period of time, as they got big, I do see their service part getting compromised – rather let’s put it this way, they blew me with their promptness of sending out the next DVD after they received previous one from me.. they used to do it the same day!! and now they do it the next business day (why can they not keep the same level of prompt service??)… well, they are kind of doing what others in the space are doing.

A while ago, I was toying with the idea of moving to Blockbuster as they have these offline stores, and on weekends I could just go to their store and exchange the DVD. It sure does sound convenient.

But, Netflix has done one smart thing – they have raised exit barriers… they have a good pool of movie reviews (I guess the best I have come across.. amongst similar services), and their recommendations engine is pretty neat. So even though their ‘play online’ feature does not work on Mac (!!!), am still hooked on to it.


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