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Jaman sucks!!

I have been a Jaman user for over an year. When they first launched in 2006, I liked their UI and the ease of watching movies thru their platform.

When I signed up – it was more from the point of experimenting with this new service. Over a period of time, I noticed that their user settings wasn’t friendly – as in, I could not find any link to prevent non-friends from commenting on the ‘wall’ on my user page, and when I tried deleting comments, it didn’t delete… so I had all kinds of these weird comments lying on my user page’s wall. I wrote to them, no response!!! — now I hate it when they keep on sending me all these unsolicited newsletters and group-emails from one of their directors, and when I ask them a question, they don’t respond!! Come on that’s not fair..

Anyways, I decided to have my account deleted and I got a mail from their customer support confirming they deleted my account… when till date, it hasn’t been deleted!! Just as you have a ‘sign in’ button that is easy to use and which works (!), why not have a ‘delete account’ button also that works equally well?? If the service is good, users won’t leave, whereas if it sucks, at least make it easy for them to leave.


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