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Pioneers & Settlers

I read a very interesting line this afternoon… adding to that.. here it goes..

In the world of business, there are Pioneers and there are Settlers. Businesses need both.

Knowing who you are will help you in deciding which direction to take.


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Smart career advice

Long back I read some where about the advice Google’s ex-VP Sheryl Sandberg got from Google CEO Eric Schmidt … had this in one of my stickies that I was just going through.. seems so relevant.

Sheryl says..
“The best career advice I ever got was from Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO. I had left my job in the government when the Clinton administration ended and I was interviewing at companies in Silicon Valley. Eric told me that the most important thing to look for in a new job was not the specific responsibilities the company offered, but the overall trajectory the company was on. His quote — “The most important thing to get right when selecting a job is how quickly the company is growing. Growth creates numerous opportunities for anyone who is contributing to the company’s success, whereas when companies stop growing, the careers of everyone, including very talented people, face severe challenges.””

Very wisely put, Eric!!

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