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Billshrink – promising to shrink my bill..

Learnt of Billshrink – a valley based startup, a couple of days back. Their promise is to reduce monthly bills of our commonly used services and products.

“Our goal at BillShrink is to be a trusted resource that consumers will leverage for researching purchase decisions across a number of product/service categories.”

They propose to do this by first getting information of our current plan/service, how we use it, where are we located, etc (basically all the logically imp data one should have before recommending alternates) and then they throw up alternate options mentioning how much could I save by shifting to each of those options.

Currently, they have the wireless channel on – more categories are promised soon. I tried using it to see how much can I reduce my wireless bill – it asked me about information like, my home and work location, how many minutes do I average, my cell number, my preferences, access to my current wireless bill (to analyze my calls – my calls normally go to which carriers, time of call, etc). It took a lot of time analyzing, and telling me my results will come up soon… after about 20-minutes I gave up.. so I still do not have any comparative results from them to see how good/bad are the options they promise to provide. The product is still buggy, however they just launched last month, so one can be a bit patient with them for some time.

If you look at it, conceptually a service like this is a killer!! … reminds me of Geico promises of saving us $$$ (well Geico actually did save me a lot on car insurance). Whether Billshrink cracks this or some one else does, this is indeed a useful service that addresses a real pain point. It is not just another cool idea/service, but one that has real business potential.


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