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Business networking at conferences

I recently used two platforms that offer networking tools for conference attendees – Crowdvine and Eventful. Awesome concept! Using their technology, we can see who are the attendees, read about them (who are they, why are they attending, etc — of course, this info. is available only if the attendee has shared it), and connect with them (schedule meetings at the conference, send messages).

I found Crowdvine to be a really cool and useful tool. I used it at the recent Web2.0 expo at SF. It made the conference extremely productive for me – in the sense that I could meet with relevant business partners/customers and in an organized manner, making effective use of my time. What they could do to add an additional layer of convenience is – provide a way to access my network/contacts/meeting data for that conference offline as well… the wi-fi at many events sucks, and so if they have a tool that offers contacts data offline, that will be useful. They could also do with a mobile client.

EventMingle sucked big time. User experience was bad! While Crowdvine has neat tagging and search features to find relevant folks to meet, EventMingle’s search engine seemed rather rudimentary.


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  1. Thank you for this feedback. We’ll try to add a mobile version to CrowdVine shortly.

    Comment by Tony Stubblebine | May 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. Tony: That will be awesome! …it’ll be a very useful feature.

    Comment by rachnaspace | May 9, 2008 | Reply

  3. EventMingle is horrible. It is nothing more than their online dating site with “busines” graphics. Do a little digging and you’ll find the founder, who apparently is one of two people who run the site, has been designing communications systems for 20 years including messaging systems for large international corporations and once ran a company of more than 300 empoloyees. EventMingle was contracted to give support for SuperCorrExpo 2008, the quadrennial machinery show of the corrugated packaging industry. TAPPI, the primary organizer for this show is the largest trade organization in the US. You’d think EventMingle would design a proper site, right?

    You’d be wrong. The did not provide proper support for international phone numbers or addresses. They force all URLS and email addresses to lowercase. My company is CorrugatedMachines. Both component words are “generic”. Capitalization is critical, just like EventMingle. Names establish identity and are part of intellectual property. EventMingle doesn’t care, they force everything to lowercase. Notice Jim had 300 employees at one time? He designed the SuperCorrExpo system so an email address cannot be used for more than one account. I don’t mean the user name used to access the account. I mean the email addresses used in the contact information. My company represents five companies. Jim’s solution? He removed our entries from the companies we serve. Strange, I don’t remember ever authorizing him to decide who acts as representative for our companies. When they EventMingle “designed” site first came online, they pestered all the exhibitors with adds for “extra” services at a fee.

    EventMingle is a horrible piece of garbage. They can’t even keep their email addresses straight across their various “brands”. As I say, EventMingle is an online dating site with “business” graphics. It is entirely unsuitable for business use.

    Comment by FredThompson | September 11, 2008 | Reply

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