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Awesome customer service by Griffin!!

I was looking at options on how to play music from my iPhone in my car – I love my Lexus, but why did they not make the new models iPod/iPhone ready?? – anyways, that is a separate subject for discussion.

I have tried FM transmitter in the past, and the quality of sound and reception sucked. I came across Griffin‘s DirectDeck – cassette player thing. I decided to check that out.. one key reason was their pre and post sale customer service (online) that totally impressed me – very prompt, and not sending canned email responses to my pre-purchase questions, rather addressing my specific questions and concerns in a one-to-one kind of way… and it did not stop after sale was made – they kept on responding promptly even after the sale, and made real efforts to understand the problem I was having in using their product..

The point I am trying to make here is – the level of pre and post sales support was the “same”.. and, they did not go out of the way, rather just did what they are supposed to do. But, such service is so rare that when you come across one, it just stands out. How you service your product users could be a key differentiator, when your product is more or less similar to available alternates.


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